The Mah Society was informally established in Vancouver in 1919 and purchased its building two years thereafter. In 2017 the building was completely rehabilitated and stabilized. It is the first fully restored Chinese Society Heritage Building in Vancouver's Chinatown..The Mah Society Building at 137 East Pender Street in Vancouver's Chinatown Raven Metal Oroducts performed the historical repair and replacement of the oriental lanterns, cornices were also repaired/replaced as required. A UNIQUE HERITAGE The heritage value of the Mah Society Building lies in the way its original construction and subsequent alteration reflect key periods in the establishment of the Chinese-Canadian community in Vancouver. The construction in 1913 of the original building to the designs of Henry Barton Watson, which housed the Kwong Fong grocery at street level with a rooming house - the Minglee Rooms - above, speaks to the importance of this part of East Pender Street as the Chinese-Canadian retail hub and to the continuing need for rooms for Chinese immigrants. Watson's design was of particular note for being the earliest identified example of the use of Chinese architectural motifs (now sadly lost) in the form a pagoda-roofed cornice, and Chinese temple-shaped finials. The addition of the top storey in 1921, by architect E.J. Boughen, for meeting rooms for the Mah Gim Do Hung Society (later the Mah Society of North America) is representative of the trend in early twentieth- century Chinatown for building tong meeting rooms atop existing buildings, thereby imbuing them with status through height. The continuing use of the space by the Mah Society consolidates the building's value. Source: City of Vancouver Heritage Conservation Program
Cornice and custom fabricated structure Custom Cornice and lantern work by Raven Metal Custom work by Raven Metal Products Custom work by Raven Metal, Vancouver Island, BC
RESTORING AN IMPORTANT PART OF OUR OUR HERITAGE RESTORING AN IMPORTANT PART OF OUR OUR HERITAGE Custom fabricated restoration Mah Building days gone by Mah Building Vancouver 1931 The Mah Building around 1931 1998 - 2020 Raven Metal Products THE MAH BUILDING THE MAH BUILDING MADE IN CANADA