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The Janion Building Built in 1891 Cornice replaced in 2015 Janion Building
The Historic Janion building is a three-storey, freestanding brick commercial building was built in 1891 and is located between Store Street and the Inner Harbour, north of the Johnson Street Bridge. It can be identified by a projecting central bay of windows on the second and third storeys, and by the prominent name plate stating "Janion 1891" above the third storey windows. HERITAGE VALUE The Janion building is valued as a time capsule of the history of the evolving commercial activities which developed in the City of Victoria. Although it only functioned in its original capacity (Hotel) for two years, this prominent freestanding building is an excellent example of the numerous brick hotels which were erected in Victoria in the late years of the nineteenth century, in response to prosperity brought about by the city's status as the provincial capital, chief port, and terminus of the Esquimalt and Nanaimo (E & N) Railway. The location of the hotel is integral to its heritage value, as it led to a succession of both functional and physical changes throughout its history. Having had such functions as the business office of the E & N Railway, a warehouse for B. Wilson & Co. Storage, a cold storage facility for the B.C. Cold Storage, Ice and Produce Company, and the facility for Lake of the Woods Milling Company, the Janion Hotel is a chronicle of the evolving nature of commerce associated with Victoria's relationship to tourism, trade, and its surrounding natural resources. Although the Janion Hotel has survived in a derelict condition for a number of years, it is significant that it retains numerous physical elements pertaining to its original function as a high- quality hotel, as well as evidence of its numerous other functions throughout its considerable history. Source: City of Victoria Planning and Development Dept.
Janion Building Restoration 1891 - New Cornice
Janion Building Janion Building The Janion Building Cornice Replacement Janion Building