Custom Hand-made urn from the Tamura Building Custom Hand-made urn from the Tamura Building Custom Hand-made urn from the Tamura Building Dustin Wynton
Kyle is an architectural sheet metal fabricator able to construct a complex finished product from a simple idea. Raven Metal Products, are working with Kyle to further his knowlege in the architectural sheet metal business. 
Dustin Is our vent specialist producing top quality hand fabricated metal roof exhaust vents, metal wall vents, indoor exhaust and intake vents as well as commercial vents.
Wynton operates and programs our auto-brake creating a multitude of flashing profiles on-demand. Wynton finds himself working more-and-more on custom projects on the bench.
Rachel is our connection with the job sites, and retail outlets. Rachel transports custom flashings, custom chimney caps, all manner of metal vents direct to job sites and to our retial outlets such as Slegg Lumber, Rona, Home Hardware and Windsor Plywood, Lumberworld and others.
Rick Darcy is our go to guy that can do just about anything in the shop. Darcy
Darcy is our go to guy that keeps the shop going as foreman. Darcy understands the metal business with more than 18 years experience. From tin bashing, to machine repairs, Darcy knows what it takes to run an efficient metal fabricating shop.
Custom Hand-made urn from the Tamura Building Corey
Corey works at different stations in the shop handcrafting architectural sheet metal projects, for our customers. Corey has a good work ethic and has a determination to succeed. 
Custom Hand-made urn from the Tamura Building Martin
Martin is our sales and marketing representative. He is also our graphics artist, network manager, desktop publisher, web site designer and programmer. You can contact Martin at the office. 1-250-652-5523 Email -
Kyle B.  Custom Hand-made urn from the Tamura Building Adam
Adam has become the primary operator on our computer assisted brake.  Programming simple brakes, to complex cornice designs for restoration and repair projects in Victoria, Vancouver, and Nanaimo.
Custom Hand-made urn from the Tamura Building
Portrait photo’s  Martin Young 2018 except “Darcy” 
Rick is a Red Seal Journeyman who fancies himself a coppersmith.  Rick loves building complex and beautiful things both on and off the job! Rick loves painting beautiful things on canvas. It’s all about the art.
Connor Tyler
Tyler is a sheet metal fabricator. Tyler understands what’s expected and has the right attitude to learn all he can, Tyler’s goal is to achieve red seal journeyman status!
Connor is our inside/outside guy that also fabricates in the shop, and often works outside as an installer. Connor  enjoys the variety of opportunities in architectural sheet metal that are given to him.
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