roof ready for cornice work now
The restoration to the Desrosiers Block began in late October. The cornice work and the rest of the facade is in pretty bad shape, and in need of some major TLC. The facade is starting to fall forward and needed a major overhaul to bring it back to days gone by. Our team has a clear game- plan in on how to do this tricky work. Just watch our restoration artisans get to work on 6 East Hastings Street, the Desrosiers Block. We are excited to re-create and restore the facade to this beautiful old 1898 building by hand-repairing and re-crafting the cornice work, the columns, as well as the framing posts and more by hand with meticulous attention to the original detail.
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Seeing what's behind the facade replacing whatever has to go Seeing whats behind the facade Making it all work together Beginning the Transition
seeing what in behind the facade
The framework is finished
beginning the transition
looking like proper mounting
protected from the rain
roof area completed
Covering from the rain
seeing what in behind the facade
replacing the rotten mounts
reviewing the latest work
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